Speed up for Android Studio Startup and Emulator

Android Studio can be a little slow

After a while using Android Studio gets painful at startup time waiting for the IDE user interface to load, then waiting for the Android Emulator.

Found that with a few quick exclusions in antivirus speed is significantly improved. I'm sure there are a few who will disagree with these changes but the trade off between security and performance is well worth it in my case.

Exclude the following items in Antivirus: 
  1. C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\plugins\android\lib
  2. C:\Users\<username>\.AndroidStudio2.2\system\caches
  3. C:\Users\<username>\.AndroidStudio2.2\system\index
  4. C:\Users\<username>\.gradle
  5. qmenu-system-i386.exe

Please post a response how this works for you so that others may benefit.


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