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FIX for 30 second delay login to Published Application RDS 2012r2

The problem affects Published Applications on Server 2012r2 from some locations.

Locally the apps run quickly (12 seconds in our case). Remotely from basic Internet connections also run quickly at 12 seconds. 

From remote 'corporate' type sites 30 seconds before the 'Details' button comes alive on the client connection screen (Stateful inspection firewalls possibly). 

From the Microsoft RD Client on Android and Apple works fine at 12 seconds, even when connecting from a site whose desktop computers take 30 seconds (yes tried proxy on and off).

From hours of trawling forums many things tried such as; UDP on and off, network settings, binding order, certificate revocation checking, profile disks, health check off, BPA scan, proxy settings, netbios on and off, IPv6, bat wings and goat blood. Nothing made a difference.

Tried pulling the published app icon out, removing the signature and editing settings directly, to disable printers, drive mappings, port mappings, authentica…