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Error virtual machine cannot be moved to the destination computer Server 2008 to Server 2012 R2

Moving VMs from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2
Error messageThe virtual machine cannot be moved to the destination computer. The hardware on the destination computer is not compatible with the hardware requirements of this virtual machine. Virtual machine migration failed at migration source.

Apparent cause
The destination server does not have a matching named Virtual Network Switch. The error message is a little vague.

How to fix
Rename one of the virtual switches to have a matching set between the source and destination servers.

If the source and destination servers are part of production systems so they can't simply have the Virtual Switch renamed. And if a short pause is acceptable at the end of the migration try this:

On the destination server, Create a new network switch using the internal network and name this to match the source server network. 
Start the server move, as the move completes, change the network from Internal to the correct switch (you can track progress watching t…

App-v troubleshooting and errors tip

Troubleshooting App-v on RDS servers can be made simpler by peeking in side the App-v bubble.

Use the following commands or create a shortcut:

To open a command prompt that has access to the application folder Q:\
Sfttray /exe cmd "name of application"

To open explorer - from the new cmd window
Explorer Q:

To open Task Manager - from the new command window

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