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Hyper-V failed to enable replication on the Replica server for the Virtual Machine

Hyper-V is not in a state to accept replication on the replica server for virtual machineMessage appears at the end of the replication Wizard. A replica for this virtual machine had previously existed on the Replica server.

CauseThe previous successful or unsuccessful replicated virtual machine may be still exist at the replica server.

SolutionRemove the old virtual machine at the  replica server and enable replication again.  Yes this pushes a fresh replication to the replica server.

Additional notesUnder the details of the error message on the source server a Virtual machine ID is listed, and using this ID to find the replication files from the previous replication on the Replica server (under \Virtual Hard Disks\Hyper-V Replica\Virtual hard disks\<ID>\ and under \Virtual Hard Disks\Hyper-V Replica\Virtual Machines\<ID>. These files may be locked while a previous replica exists on the Replica server

Hyper-V Error 15500 - Failed to Start Worker Process, 0x80070001

Virtual Machine failed to start worker process: Incorrect function. (0x80070001)
ConfigurationHyper-v Server 2012 with 4 VMs. One VM running the others would not start. Error message popup when starting VM. Further in the event logs "The authorization store could not be initialized from storage location".

CauseAn earlier test restore had replaced the key entry with a now redundant location.

SolutionEdit registry key as below

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Virtualization]

Problem Key shows an invalid location:
"StoreLocation"="msxml://D:\\Restore Test\\Host Component\\C_\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Hyper-V\\InitialStore.xml"

Change key to correct location:

Then restart Virtual Machine Service from Hyper-V console