Fixed, Outlook 2013 64 bit components installation running every time Terminal services

The Problem

Open Outlook 2013 and get the message Installing Microsoft Office 64-bit Components 2013, every time you open it. Occurs on terminal Server 2008R2.

One way to stop this involves installing the Windows Search role feature (under File Services). 

Personally I don't like using the Windows Search feature in Terminal Services since there is nothing of value to search on the local computer. 

The Fix in 5 steps with no-reboot
  1. Install Windows Search from the File Services Role Feature
  2. Set the Index service to index nothing (the default)
  3. Once complete, open Outlook once as administrator
  4. Now Stop the Windows Search, and set the service to Disabled
  5. Log off your test user account, log in and test Outlook

Job done!

What this appears to do is allow the Microsoft Office installation to complete some tasks whcih were dependent on the Windows Search feature that was not running at the time of Microsoft Office installation. 

Once this installation is complete, the service is no longer needed for that purpose and can be disabled.


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