Starwind V2V Convert Invalid File Format Descriptor is too large

Invalid File Format Descriptor is too large

Using the Starwind v2v Converter to convert two v5 .vmdk files to Hyper-V. Got the message "Invalid File Format" "Descriptor is too large". Sadly recopied the files back out of the VMWare box, thinking a broken copy process, but again with the same result.

The fix is simple, don't try to convert the large file. 

Instead direct the v2v to the small pointer vmdk file, see below. 

This one fails: SOURCEDISK1-flat.vmdk (430Gb)
Use this one: SOURCEDISK1.vmdk (1Kb)

Sometimes its the simple things that get you...


  1. Thank you!! I had the same issue and it seems to have fixed it.


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