Migrate Virtual Machines From Server 2012 to Server 2012 R2 Clustered

Steps to migrate virtual machines from Server 2012 non-clustered to Server 2012 R2 clustered.

Prepare the migration

  1. At the source server, check the VM settings and the current network Virtual Switch name.

    A matching Virtual Switch name must exist on the destination server or you will get a nonsensical error message about not being able to connect to the destination server.
  2. As a temporary fix where the names do not match... 
    If both systems are production systems and you don't want to interfere with operations. Go to the destination server and create a new Virtual Switch and assign this to the internal network.

    This will be sufficient to get the migration working but you will need to swap the adaptor on completion.
  3. At the destination server, create the virtual machine folder in the final location on the clustered CSV volume that the machine will finish up in (only the root folder is needed).

Do the move

  1. At the source server commence a 'Move'.

    For the destination server, use any one of the physical hosts that are in the destination cluster.

    Select the clustered volume location you set up earlier, as the destination folder.
  2. Once the move is complete, (swap the network adaptor if you used a temporary internal network).
  3. Confirm network connectivity.

Import to the Cluster

  1. Now open Cluster Manager, and Select 'Configure Role' from the right-hand navigation.
  2. Click Next and select 'Virtual Machine'. From this screen you will be able to locate the machine you moved onto one of the hosts. Select the machine and complete the wizard to make it highly-available (clustered).
  3. Now complete your tidy up tasks - Virtual machine Additions, Guest Services for the new copy and paste between host and guest.

Please add feedback about your experiences.



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