Event ID 122 Access to Drivers on Windows Update Blocked by Policy - Fix Here

Access to drivers on Windows Update was blocked by policy

EventID:122 errors appearing on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V host.  “Device Setup Manager” service.

There is a scheduled task that runs each night in “Microsoft | Windows | Device Setup” called “Metadata Refresh”. When that task runs it causes the “Device Setup Manager” service to start, and that’s what is causing the messages. 
If you look in the Event Viewer under “Application and Services Logs | Microsoft | Windows | DeviceSetupManager | Admin” and filter on Event ID 122 then you can see the entries.

The “policy” that is causing the block is actually the Device Installation Settings. 


Use the search in the Control Panel window and look for “device installation”
When that window opens, you will see the settings that define the “policy”
If you change the setting to “Always install the best driver software from Windows Update.” then the Event ID 122 errors will go away.
If you *also* select the “Automatically get the device app and info provided by your manufacturer” then the whole setting will change itself to the first “Yes, do this automatically” option (so the first option is the same as selecting both the bottom ones)
The other option is to disable the “Metadata Refresh”  scheduled task.


  1. I'm more interested in silencing the events than enabling this setting - Where is the scheduled task to which you are referring?


  2. To silence the error.
    Open Task Scheduler, Navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Device Setup, and have a look at the Metadata Refresh Task. By triggering this task, the event 122 can be generated each time.

    The task could be disabled but it is not clear from the Task's Actions what other functions this task performs. My best guess is this task runs Plug in Play looking for devices without drivers.


  3. I would agree that this is looking for devices without drivers. I have three Windows 2012 servers and all have their Device Installation Properties set to "No" and "Never". All three also have the "Metadata Refresh" task and it's running every day. However, only 1 gets Event 122 in the Application Log. I went into Device Manager and there were yellow exclamation icons beside some devices that had missing drivers.


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